Monday, May 12, 2008

envelope hope. . .

Looking for a reliable source for colored A-7 envelopes? Look no further, we think you’ll be pleased with our pick of Heinrich Envelopes of Minneapolis. They've been around since 1898 with service that exceeds our expectations and prices that agree with our wallets.

Our past envelope vendor could win the award for the most unusual way of operating a company. I'm sure you know the place. We never knew if our order was received, would it be shipped or the classic last straw was when after leaving dozens of messages we get a call four months later as if we called the day before wondering what we wanted. Man that dude took some long vacations.

A true lesson in "getting what you pay for".

Heinrich offers a variety of Bright and Pastel colors, straight flap and easy online ordering. Take a look at you won’t be disappointed.

If you need to speak directly to someone I suggest calling Wesley in sales Toll-Free: (800) 346-7957. Currently the cost for an A-7 envelope is .037 each or $37.00 per 1000.