Thursday, August 7, 2008

greeting cards deliver emotions. . .

Remember the last time you got your mail and tucked inside all the advertisements, credit card offers and bills was a brightly colored envelope that by all standards looked like a birthday card. Hold that thought for a moment.

Now, are you one that grabs it, rips it open before everything else? Or do you wait until all the other mail is sorted, trashed or filed for later viewing? Not to worry you’re not alone; many people like to savor the moment until they open their new surprise.

Are ya’ll ready? I’m sure the suspense is starting to build. Could this be the card from a distant relative with a big check inside from settling your great someone’s estate? Okay, you can dream a bit.

Well if the person that sent it to you took the time to pick out this card, hand sign it and added some unique and colorful postage I’m sure you’ll open it to find the card has the same excitement as a million dollar chec
k. Imagine a bright bold picture (suitable for framing) and a message inside that not only grabs your attention but makes you smile and maybe outright chuckle. (no snorting allowed)

I know, all of this can be exhausting but imagine having the power to deliver those same feelings to each and every person you know or hoping to connect with and changing their lives forever (maybe that’s a stretch). But you can, you really really can. How you might ask. . .

By having a real company (not a MLM) with dedicated people who believe in the magic and are devoted to helping you build your repeat and referral business. With almost 75 reps and counting across the United States and Canada you have someone on your side.

Email us today, ( we’d be thrilled to put you in touch with someone who can assist you all the way. Don’t be fooled, there is no investment, you will not have to enter the all the info yourself and these will be real hand signed cards (your mother couldn’t tell the difference) with actual postage no meters or pretend stamps. Back to the hand signed signature. Do those other companies believe we’re from bikini bottom and dumb enough to fall for a font or scan of their signature that clearly was printed? (sorry pet peeve)

Are you still here, sorry to be so passionate (and long.) Did you click the link and send your info in an email? If you did make sure to watch your mailbox, not for junk (we won’t send any) but look for that colorful envelope and thrill you’re going to have. (smoking afterward is optional)

If you didn’t reply, well chances are you’re not even still reading this but I’ll say it once and maybe you’ll snap to your senses. Making customers and prospects feel connected like friends is the secret many successful business people before you learned and practiced. So scroll back up and click the link or sit back and wait for retirement. (or fire-ment)