Sunday, March 8, 2009

eye got a feeling. . .

Today upon arriving at work I stopped at the box outside to get the daily stack of mail before settling into my computer and sorting through the mass amounts of emails waiting for me. It’s unusual these days to have anything but bills, junk or someone else’s mail placed in my box mistakenly. Almost all of our customers are billed to their credit cards taking away the urgency of waiting for checks to arrive.

As I reached for the stack one envelope seemed to jump from the pile. A gray almost stone colored envelope that I quickly identified as one that I had probably sold. The return address confirmed my notion and indeed it came from a customer of mine.

Still, my heart felt the emotion of having received something outside the mundane routine of daily mail. To think someone cared enough to think of me washed over me with a wave of joy. Ok, maybe not in those exact terms but I must admit it was a pretty cool feeling.

Savoring the moment I sat down to immediately type this blog. I have yet to open this grand item caring almost less about what it contains but rather enjoying the current emotions just receiving it have brought me.

I share this with you in the hopes you might understand the importance of how this simple gesture on the senders part has come to brighten my day. I’d like you to imagine how incorporating this into your business and personal life may change the dimension of what you do.

Today, right now, find any type of greeting or note card you have around the office or home. Take two minutes and fill it out with a simple hello if nothing else. Address it to the first person that comes to mind. Get it stamped and in the mail box before your postal carrier arrives.

Right you’re probably thinking I don’t need to send a card, I understand the point he’s making. Actually you’d be wrong. What I want you to experience is how it feels when you send that greeting card to someone. Then, only then will you truly understand the simplicity of how all this works. When you’re done please email to let me know how you felt. Include your name and address and I promise to drop a card in the mail to you sometime in the near future. I’d do it today but would rather catch you off guard like I was today.