Sunday, June 15, 2008

a picture is worth a 1000 words. . .

We've all heard this many times in our life and if you're like me truly believed in this myth. Could it really be true that one single picture can bring to mind a thousand words? For a moment try to put yourself in my shoes where each and every day I am challenged to come up with words that will make the picture on the front of a greeting card jump out at the receiver and translate the message or deliver the desired emotion needed.

Take the picture here of the toy trucks (oops that’s two words) and try to think of as many different single words, phrases or clich├ęs possible. Is it possible that together we might come up with a thousand words? Could it be that not every picture is worthy of the quote?

Feel free to email me your list as this one is a favorite of ours but really has me stumped. The next time you come across a great picture you feel would make for a winning card, stop and count just how many words come to mind. If you have one of those rare pictures that could break the mark then please, email it to me. You never know . . . fame and fortune (ok maybe just fame) could be yours. That and a boxed set of your very own special card custom imprinted with as many words as you’d like.

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