Friday, September 26, 2008

don't make me get my flying monkeys

Is this what the world is coming to these days? I see news reports about banks that are closing. how the price of houses have gone in a double digit decline. We knew the mortgage industry was going to be bad but never this crazy. And can someone let me know about the tidbits of information I am getting today about Hillary replacing Biden due to his health. Then I hear that Bill was on TV seen chumming up with McCain looking to have his wife take Palin's spot. WOW, my head is spinning.

So now our country is finally figuring out that we can't live beyond our means. What does that mean? What really are means? Why does everyone seem so mean? Know what I mean?

Meanwhile (sorry) I sit here trying to sell greeting cards to help spread goodwill and cheer, thinking I am offering a much needed service or is it a false sense of hope?

To find out, I took matters into my own hands and started mailing cards to random friends, family and business acquaintances. I even used them instead of those window envelopes to pay monthly bills. Can you imagine what happened?

(pause to imagine)

Almost everyone (except utilities and the IRS) had something to say about how it made them feel when the card arrived. Sure they're in the same boat as everyone in this country. But it felt just a little bit better knowing that I took the time and effort trying to make them smile and forget about their worries.

(pause for sniffle)

Who can predict what the days ahead have to offer us. What I can predict though, is how you can help make others feel this special. I guarantee you it will change your outlook on life. Take a peek at some of the great cards we offer at Get out there and spread some cheer one card at a time.

(pause to shop)

My plan B is to have the bushes below my window padded in the event I have to jump like they did during the Great Depression. (what was so great about it anyhow?) Oh, and I have a line of doomsday cards in the works to cover myself should my idea of spreading joy turn sour.

Hope is around the corner. In just a few months we could have Sarah and Hillary in the White House. Martha can do her shows from the main kitchen, the cast of the View can bring their couch and Oprah can be Queen. Hannah Montana will sing the national anthem.

(pause for flying pigs/monkeys)

This has been just a bit too much for me today (I need a nap). I can't imagine how you must feel, thanks for staying with me. Bottom line, we all have enough love to see us through this. Share the love, send greeting cards.

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Megan said...

Hi Dad,
The blog looks great!
I'm glad to see you've found some time to write but you should write more!

Oh and don't worry, that stuff about the Clintons are just rumors.

Love ya