Monday, September 22, 2008

falling for greeting cards . . .

Here it is - the official first day of fall. One of the seasons that many people either love or hate; both generally based off of changing weather conditions. Personally for myself, after years of dreading fall have grown to embrace what it represents. A time of year to accept the elements of my business and life that are now about to show their true colors before fading and falling aside, leaving open possibilities of what a new year can offer.

Each day of the season I look at all the great things I have accomplished this year as they fall to the ground and wait to be raked up or if the mood strikes me; made into a pile suitable for jumping in. Embracing the season, reflecting on the past and preparing for the challenge of what the future holds.

Enjoy your family with the many holidays ahead and never forget it’s your roots not the leaves of your life that make you who you are each day. Leaf yourself (sorry couldn’t resist) open to bare branches and welcome the buds of what will become yet another chapter in your life.

For those that do not have the wonderful colors of fall that bless us here in New England, please email me your name and address and I will gladly send you a little slice of what you’re missing.

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